Ø 5000 Bolted panel silos

Ø 5000 Bolted panel silos

Our flanged panel silos have several advantages:

  • The Silos consist of high thickness flanged panels already manufactured and painted in the workshop.
  • The high thickness flanges and the additional reinforcements make it very robust, easy to install and suitable for heavy duty applications.
  • All flanged silo parts are manufactured in the factory, so the quality can be totally controlled by the technicians with standard procedures.
  • The steel structure is more flexible and can be easier adapted to the specific needs. For example, the structural design of silos can be easily adapted to the local seismic regulation.
  • The steel flanged silos are made in flanged panels, so can be easily packed and transported by lands on road lorries or by sea using OPEN TOP or standard BOX containers.
  • Precise manufacture of each panel ensures quick and easy erection. The panels are bolted on the ground and lifted using a simple crane.
  • The structure is movable, so is possible to relocate the silo in a different place.
  • Maintenance free.
TYPE m3 (1) ton (2) P (mm) A (mm) H (mm)
Cone 75°
H (mm)
Cone 60°
SP 140 140 200 1500 6000 11060 11960
SP 170 170 240 1500 7500 12560 13460
SP 200 200 280 1500 9000 14060 14960
SP 226 226 315 1500 10500 15560 16460
SP 250 250 350 1500 12000 17060 17960
SP 275 277 385 1500 13500 18560 19460
  1. Capacity referred to silo's geometric volume.
  2. Weight referred to cement bulk density of 1.4 ton/m3.

Our Bolted panel silos

Ø3500 mm SP serie

  • External diameter: Ø3500
  • Capacity: from 50 to 135 m3
  • Size: Size 3500

Ø5000 mm SP serie

  • External diameter: Ø5000
  • Capacity: from 140 to 275 m3
  • Size: Size 5000

Ø6150 mm SP serie

  • External diameter: Ø6150
  • Capacity: from 215 to 450 m3
  • Size: Size 6150

Ø7600 mm SP serie

  • External diameter: Ø7600
  • Capacity: from 350 to 770 m3
  • Size: Size 7600

Ø9500 mm SP serie

  • External diameter: Ø9500
  • Capacity: from 600 to 1450 m3
  • Size: Size 9500

Ø12500 mm SP serie

  • External diameter: Ø12500
  • Capacity: from 1800 to 3000 m3
  • Size: Size 12500
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