Scutti srl
Scutti srl

Specialist in cement and lime storage

Scutti’s passion for engineering excellence, combined with its determination of continual product improvement represent the best we can offer to our clients.

SCUTTI is aa leading manufacturer of cement silos and lime silos in the world. The long experience in storage allow us to develop an high quality range equipments like screw conveyors, dust filters and powder valves to supply a turnkey storage solution. SCUTTI is one of the few company specialized in manufacturing and install the most cost efficient cement terminal for ship unload and track load.
Our system with bolted silos allow a flexible design to store big quantity of cement ensuring a low processing cost due to a simple process engineering. All our products are designed to be easily containerized and shipped worldwide. In cement storage application one company is able to provide the total turnkey responsibility, SCUTTI.

Scutti srl

Bulk Storage Silos

SCUTTI has a large selection of standard silos ranging from 20 to 3000 cu.m. Silo structure are designed to EUROCODE 3 Part 4-1 standards, to ensure compliance and safety with each seismic and wind requirement. Option include silo safety devices, dust collectors and screw conveyors.

Paneled Monolithic Telescopic Modular flat silos Accessories

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors for dry powders, available in different sizes with tubular or U Trough design. The wide range of heavy duty components allow the installation of Scutti screws conveyors in many industrial fields.

Tubular "U" Through Vertical Components

Powder Valves

Butterfly valves, slide valves, pressure relief valves, available in different sizes, with manual or pneumatic drive for abrasive or hot materials.

VFA type VFS type VGS type VDS type DV type

Dust Filters

SCUTTI dust collectors are available in a wide range of models and capacities and are recommended for dry inactive powders. The cleaning system is available by air or mechanical vibrating system with static or dynamic execution.

FGS type FGM type FGV type MAXAIR EKO filter EKOM filter

WICOMSILO safety system

WICOMSILO is a safety system which use a series of devices to prevent a dangerous build-up of internal pressure, such as would threaten the structure of the silo and the safety of anyone in the vicinity.

WICOMSILO safety system
Scutti in the world
  • Colombia
    Ituango Dam in Cauca River

  • Panama
    Panama Canal expansion, two new sets of locks

  • Laos
    Xayaburi hydroelectrical dam

  • Morocco
    Expansion of Tanger-Med cargo port

  • Ethiopia
    The Gilgel Gabe II Hydroelectrical power station

  • England
    London Heatrow Airport expansion

  • Florence in Italy
    High speed railway Bologna